When this synergy bonus activates it increases the chance your teams champions will perform a Perfect Block, mitigating all damaged received from the blocked attack. Your teams Perfect Block chance can also be improved via Summoner Masteries.


Level Bonus Attribute Attribute bonus
1 All Champions gain +3% Perfect Block Chance Perfect Block Chance 3%
2 All Champions gain +4% Perfect Block Chance Perfect Block Chance 4%
3 All Champions gain +5% Perfect Block Chance Perfect Block Chance 5%


Base champion Partner champion
Agent Venom Groot
Agent Venom Red Hulk
Ant-Man Iron Man
Ant-Man Spider-Man (Classic)
Archangel Black Widow
Archangel Ghost Rider
Black Widow (Claire Voyant) Electro
Cable Rogue
Civil Warrior Guillotine
Cyclops (Blue Team) Storm
Daredevil (Hell's Kitchen) Iron Fist
Daredevil (Hell's Kitchen) Luke Cage
Deadpool Punisher
Doctor Voodoo Rogue
Dr. Strange Black Bolt
Dr. Strange Scarlet Witch (Classic)
Drax Agent Venom
Drax Star-Lord
Electro Venom
Elektra Deadpool
Elektra Deadpool (X-Force)
Falcon Ant-Man
Falcon Hawkeye
Gambit Beast
Gambit Nightcrawler
Gamora Agent Venom
Gamora Drax
Ghost Rider Deadpool
Ghost Rider Elektra
Ghost Rider Wolverine (X-23)
Groot Drax
Groot Gamora
Guardian Red Hulk
Guardian Spider-Man (Classic)
Guillotine Captain America WWII
Gwenpool Spider-Man (Miles Morales)
Hit-Monkey Masacre
Hit-Monkey Old Man Logan
Howard The Duck Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan)
Iceman Black Widow
Iceman Ghost Rider
Immortal Iron Fist War Machine
Iron Man Thor
Iron Man Thor (Jane Foster)
Iron Man War Machine
Kang She-Hulk
Karnak Beast
Karnak Captain Marvel (Classic)
Karnak Ms. Marvel
Luke Cage Daredevil (Classic)
Magik Cyclops (New Xavier School)
Magik Guillotine
Magneto (House of X) Magik
Magneto (House of X) Wolverine
Moon Knight Daredevil (Classic)
Ms. Marvel Hulk
Ms. Marvel Iron Man
Ms. Marvel Thor
Ms. Marvel Thor (Jane Foster)
Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) Spider-Man (Miles Morales)
Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) Thor (Jane Foster)
Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) Vision
Nightcrawler Cyclops (Blue Team)
Nightcrawler Cyclops (New Xavier School)
Phoenix Beast
Phoenix Gamora
Phoenix Nightcrawler
Psylocke Rogue
Psylocke Storm
Punisher Rhino
Punisher 2099 Doctor Doom
Red Hulk Wolverine (X-23)
Rhino Electro
Rocket Raccoon Drax
Rocket Raccoon Gamora
Scarlet Witch (Classic) Ant-Man
She-Hulk Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan)
Spider-Ham Spider-Man (Classic)
Spider-Ham Spider-Man (Stark Enhanced)
Spider-Ham Spider-Man (Stealth Suit)
Spider-Man (Miles Morales) Spider-Gwen
Star-Lord Drax
Star-Lord Gamora
Storm Cyclops (Blue Team)
Storm Cyclops (New Xavier School)
Superior Iron Man Thor
The Hood Iron Patriot
The Hood Loki
Thor (Jane Foster) Joe Fixit
Thor (Jane Foster) Vision
Unstoppable Colossus Cyclops (New Xavier School)
Venom Joe Fixit
Vision Iron Man
Vision (Aarkus) Captain America WWII
Vision (Aarkus) Dr. Strange
Vision (Aarkus) Namor
Vision (Aarkus) Winter Soldier
Vulture Electro
Vulture Venom
War Machine Black Widow
Winter Soldier Captain America
Wolverine (X-23) Agent Venom
Wolverine (X-23) Red Hulk