Inhuman Royal Family


Inhuman Royal Family is probably the most unique synergy of the game so far as it comes in two halves.
Medusa has her Living Strands generate up to 6 Fury Buffs when added to a team with Black Bolt who has his Provocation buffs become permanent instead of temporary.
If you team Medusa with Karnak her Heavy Attacks inflict up to 4 permanent Armor Breaks and Karnak becomes Focused 35% faster and his True Strikes last 35% longer.
Want more? If you team a Medusa 4-Star or higher with Karnak and Black Bolt you get Inhuman Royal Family where your team gets +25% Attack at the start of a fight!
Please note that this is a Unique Synergy and does not stack with duplicate synergies.


Level Bonus Attribute Attribute bonus
Medusa: Living Strands generates up to 6 Fury Buffs.
Black Bolt: Provocation generates permanent Buffs instead of temporary Buffs.
Inhuman Royal Family: +25% Attack at the start of the fight if Medusa, Black Bolt and Karnak are together in a team.


Base champion Partner champion
Medusa Black Bolt
Medusa Karnak