Champions can activate the bonus which increases Armor Rating, reducing damage received for all champions in the team.


Level Bonus Attribute Attribute bonus
1 All Champions gain +70 Armor Rating Armor Rating 70
2 All Champions gain +95 Armor Rating Armor Rating 95
3 All Champions gain +130 Armor Rating Armor Rating 130


Base champion Partner champion
Abomination Rhino
Angela Gamora
Angela Groot
Angela Rocket Raccoon
Angela Star-Lord
Ant-Man Hulk
Beast Gambit
Black Bolt Cyclops (New Xavier School)
Black Bolt Spider-Man (Classic)
Black Panther (Civil War) Black Widow
Black Panther (Civil War) Vision (Age of Ultron)
Black Widow Captain Marvel (Classic)
Black Widow Ms. Marvel
Captain America Spider-Man (Classic)
Captain America Spider-Man (Symbiote)
Captain America Winter Soldier
Captain America WWII Guillotine
Captain America WWII Winter Soldier
Captain America WWII Wolverine
Captain Marvel (Classic) Captain America
Captain Marvel (Classic) Gamora
Captain Marvel (Classic) Iron Man
Civil Warrior Falcon
Civil Warrior Winter Soldier
Colossus Beast
Colossus Deadpool
Colossus Deadpool (X-Force)
Colossus Domino
Colossus Gambit
Colossus Goldpool
Colossus Magneto (House of X)
Colossus Old Man Logan
Colossus Rogue
Colossus Wolverine
Colossus Wolverine (X-23)
Deadpool (X-Force) Magneto (House of X)
Doctor Voodoo Winter Soldier
Dr. Strange Spider-Man (Classic)
Dr. Strange Thor
Dr. Strange Wolverine (X-23)
Electro Rhino
Elektra Wolverine
Elsa Bloodstone Wolverine
Falcon Captain America
Falcon Captain America WWII
Gambit Wolverine (X-23)
Gamora She-Hulk
Gamora Star-Lord
Gamora Storm
Groot Star-Lord
Guardian Colossus
Guardian Nightcrawler
Guardian Storm
Guardian Wolverine
Guillotine Black Panther
Gwenpool Howard The Duck
Hawkeye Hulk
Hawkeye Iron Man
Hawkeye Moon Knight
Howard The Duck Rocket Raccoon
Howard The Duck She-Hulk
Hulk Hawkeye
Hyperion Thor
Immortal Iron Fist Daredevil (Classic)
Immortal Iron Fist Dr. Strange
Immortal Iron Fist Luke Cage
Iron Fist Black Panther
Iron Fist Dr. Strange
Iron Fist Wolverine
Iron Man Captain America
Iron Patriot Iron Man
Joe Fixit Wolverine
Kang Black Bolt
King Groot Abomination
King Groot Venom
Korg Heimdall
Korg Loki
Magik Storm
Magneto (House of X) Juggernaut
Magneto (House of X) Thor (Jane Foster)
Magneto (House of X) Warlock
Moon Knight Spider-Man (Classic)
Mordo Dr. Strange
Ms. Marvel Captain America
Nightcrawler Beast
Odin Hulk (Ragnarok)
Odin Thor (Jane Foster)
Odin Thor (Ragnarok)
Old Man Logan Hawkeye
Phoenix Storm
Rhino Abomination
Rhino Punisher
Rocket Raccoon Groot
Rocket Raccoon Star-Lord
Scarlet Witch (Classic) Captain Marvel (Classic)
Scarlet Witch (Classic) Ms. Marvel
Sentry Black Widow
Sentry Captain America
Sentry Hawkeye
Sentry Vision
Silver Surfer Human Torch
Silver Surfer Invisible Woman
Silver Surfer Mister Fantastic
Silver Surfer Thing
Spider-Man (Classic) Captain America
Spider-Man (Symbiote) Storm
Star-Lord Groot
Star-Lord Rocket Raccoon
Storm Magik
Thor Dr. Strange
Thor Iron Man
Thor (Jane Foster) Black Widow
Thor (Ragnarok) Hulk
Ultron Prime Scarlet Witch (Classic)
Unstoppable Colossus Old Man Logan
Unstoppable Colossus Wolverine
Venompool Deadpool
Venompool Deadpool (X-Force)
War Machine Hulkbuster
Wasp Ant-Man
Winter Soldier Captain America WWII
Winter Soldier Wolverine
Wolverine Captain America
Wolverine Captain America WWII
Yondu Rocket Raccoon