Mister Negative

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#Defensive: Utility
#Offensive: Burst
#Size: M


2* 3* 4* 5* 6*
Premium Hero Crystal: already available (since 2021-08-17)


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  • Ability To Never Hold A Buff
    • Mister Negative can dash back at any time to convert all his Buffs into Light Energy, this can be really great when fighting against Champions or nodes that punish active Buffs such as Doctor Doom, Mojo or the Buffet node.
  • Degeneration Resistance
    • By stacking unique Debuffs on the opponent Mister Negative can become completely resistant to Degeneration damage and if his Signature Ability is unlocked, he can actually heal significantly from these effects!
  • Never Block A Hit
    • By using the Dexterity Mastery and Heavy charging at the right moments, Mister Negative can use his Counter-Attack Evade to finish fights without ever blocking a single hit. This can be difficult to master but makes Mister Negative amazing in scenarios where opponents might deal lots of chip damage through block!
  • Heal/Power Gain Inversion
    • While 10 or more Dark Energy are active, Mister Negative’s Special Attack 2 will invert the opponent’s Regeneration and Ability Power Rate. This can be amazing utility in scenarios where the opponent might have lots of Regeneration or can be used to Invert Power Gain mechanics such as the Mystic Dispersion Mastery.
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  • True Strike/Coldsnap and Anti-Evade
    • To play Mister Negative to his maximum potential he needs to perform many Counter-Attack Evades in each fight. Any opponent who can prevent Evade abilities will hard counter Mister Negative’s ideal playstyle.
  • Disorient and Ability Accuracy Reduction
    • When inflicted with a Disorient effect, Mister Negative will lose all his Dark Energy, making it very difficult to deal meaningful damage or access his second Petrify. Additionally, Ability Accuracy Reductions can cause Mister Negative’s Dark and Light Energy to fail and thus prevent his big moments
  • Purify Abilities
    • Mister Negative relies on placing lots of Debuffs on his opponent to access both damage and utility, so any opponent who purifies these effects will slow down his loop and/or reduce his effectiveness significantly.


Signature ability



Exhaustion reduces the opponent's Critical Damage and makes them more susceptible to various effects.
Reduces the Potency of Power Gain and Regeneration effects

Special attacks

1: Art of Lightforce

Mister Negative charges his guandao with Light Energy, slashing the opponent with a deadly blow before firing a blast of light energy at them.

2: Art of Darkforce

Mister Negative charges his guandao with Dark Energy, slashing the opponent with a series of lethal strikes and finishing with a quake of dark energy.

3: Vortex of the Negative

Mister Negative combines light and dark energy to create a vortex around his opponent knocking them back and super-charging a final devastating blast.


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spotlight Marvel Contest of Champions 2021-05-03








After the downfall of his gang the Snakeheads “Martin Li” was captured by the international crime syndicate known as The Maggia and used in the experimentation of a new synthetic drug called "D-Lite". Surviving the experiments and escaping his captors Li developed super-powers giving him the ability to tap into the Lightforce and Darkforce. Dedicating himself to become Chinatown's Kingpin of Crime, Li deemed himself “Mister Negative”, swinging between good and evil without remorse with the ultimate goal of erasing the Maggia for what it did to him.