Diss Track


The Defender takes 100% less damage while they have less than 3 Debuffs applied to them.
These Debuffs can be of the same type.






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Kind Title
counter champion Captain America (Infinity War)
Must be awakened, pair him up with science/cosmic/tech classes, use parry to apply debuffs. See his "Leadership" signature ability for more details.
counter champion Archangel
apply bleeds, poisons as usual. beware of immune champs. neurotoxins do not count as debuffs but do damage if you already applied 3 bleed/poison debuffs.
counter champion Nebula
build up Shock charges by holding block, release them with a well timed block, consider using Proxima Midnight synergy
counter champion Hyperion
SP1 can stack incinerate debuffs and the native power gain ensures you can access a lot of these. Armor break of SP2 also counts as a debuff.
counter champion Human Torch
You can easily stack Incinerate debuffs. The higher the temperature the longer these debuffs last. Warning: don't activate the pre-fight ability as Nova Flames are passive and thus not considered as debuffs. Also beware of incinerate immune opponents.
counter champion Nick Fury
Easy stacking of bleed debuffs. Recommended: Landing a Heavy attack inflicts 3 stacks of bleed for 12s. Beware of bleed immune opponents.
counter champion Blade
Easy access to bleed debuffs. Well timed blocks inflict 3 stacks of bleed debuffs. Beware of bleed immune opponents.
counter champion Black Widow (Claire Voyant)
Landing a Heavy or a SP1 inflicts 3 stacks of debuffs (either bleed, poison or incinerate, depending on the Curse) and these can be even inflicted remotely, with no contact, while the opponent is blocking.
counter champion Void
Automatic and recurrent infliction of infinite debuffs. SP1 also inflicts one additional infinite debuff. You will not do damage at the beginning of the fight until you reach the 3 debuff stack level. And if awakened you may face the same situation again when Fear of the Void activates and converts all debuffs into passives.