Unstoppable prevents the user from being staggered by enemy attacks. This is especially useful when blocking or when using a Heavy Attack.
Dragon Man
Special Attack 3 :
Consume all stacks of Power Charge. Each contributing 4 seconds to an Unstoppable Buff. While active, this Unstoppable instantly regenerates 85% of hit damage received from all attacks other than Special 3’s.
Special Attack 2 :
100% chance to gain an Unstoppable Buff lasting 7.5 seconds.
While this Unstoppable is active, each hit either Champion lands has a 50% chance to grant Kingpin 1 Rage. No Cooldown.
When Charging a Heavy Attack:
Magneto’s force field grants him an Unstoppable Buff during the attack. If struck during a Heavy Attack, this effect goes on cooldown for 14 seconds. [Magnet] Cooldown shortened by 10 seconds.
While Heavy Attack Charging:
100% Chance to gain an Unstoppable Buff for 1 second(s). Cooldown: 5 seconds.
When Attacked:
When Thing is Hit and he has 15 or more Rock Stacks, he becomes Unstoppable for 5 second(s) and removes 3 Rock Stack(s) instead of generating any.
Wolverine (Weapon X)
Attack Evaded or Missed:
100% chance to go Unstoppable for 1 second(s).
Cosmic Control Rod:
Annihilus gains the Cosmic Control Rod at the Start of the Fight.
Whenever the opponent activates a Nullify, Fateseal, or Stagger ability, The effect is Purified and the Cosmic Control Rod is removed for 10 seconds.
Immune to Incinerate, Frostbite, Coldsnap, Power Drain, Power Steal, Power Burn, Power Lock, and Enervate.
While Taunted, gain True Accuracy, Unblockable, and Unstoppable.
Special Attack 3 :
Colossus activates Organic Steel increasing the amount of Damage reduced by Armor and Resistances by 2% per Armor Up Buff. Additionally while Organic Steel is active, Colossus is Unstoppable while Blocking allowing him to shrug off attacks.
Doctor Doom
Passive :
The Aura of Haazareth can’t trigger while Doom is suffering from a Slow or Petrify Debuff and is paused during his Special Attacks.
While active, Special Attack 1 and 2 are Unblockable and grant no Power.
Light Attacks grant no Power and steal 3% of the Opponent’s current Power, gaining 200% of the Power stolen.
Contact with the Opponent has a 30% chance to Nullify up to 1 Buff.
Doom becomes Unstoppable and Stun Immune against the last hit of incoming Special 1, Special 2, and Heavy Attacks. Additionally, damage received from this hit can't exceed 5% of the Opponent's Attack.
Hulk (Ragnarok)
Passive :
Every time Hulk attacks he has a 5% chance to SMASH!
Additionally every 15 seconds Hulk gets angry and triggers SMASH on his next attack.
When SMASHing Hulk goes Unstoppable and gains +44 - 1584.5
Special Attacks
Juggernaut becomes Unstoppable for X seconds, shrugging off enemy attacks. Once Juggernaut starts moving, nothing can stop him!
Special Attack 1 :
Killmonger gains 2 Counterpunch Charges that last for 15 seconds. A charge is spent to shrug off the impact of enemy attacks for 0.75 seconds when Killmonger is blocking, allowing him to immediately counter-attack.
Blocking, Opponents Evading/Dexterity:
The crowd goes crazy when Miek makes an appearance while Korg is blocking an attack, increasing Crowd Excitement by 1 for 20 seconds. +2 on Well Timed Blocks. Only 6 Crowd Excitement charges can be gained through this ability.
The crowd dislikes cowards, cheering for Korg when opponents Evade or Dexterity his Basic Attacks, increasing Crowd Excitement by 3 for 20 seconds. Only 12 Crowd Excitement charges can be gained through this ability.
When Crowd Excitement reaches 6 or more, Korg becomes Unstoppable and Unblockable for 2 seconds.
Fortune Favors The Lucky:
X% Chance to Nullify any Buff and replace it with a Bad Karma.
If Longshot Nullifies a True Strike, Unstoppable, or Unblockable Buff, Longshot gains a matching Buff for X seconds.
Activating a Special Attack with 10 stacks of Hatred triggers Enrage, causing Hate to fall off over 8 seconds after the Special Attack ends.
While Enraged, each time Mangog would gain Hate, Enrage is paused for 3 second(s) instead.
Take 50% less damage from enemy attacks and the Recoil Mastery.
Gain an indefinite Unstoppable Buff, this is removed when Enrage expires or if Mangog is struck by a Special Attack.
During Special Attacks 1 and 2 gain an indefinite Unblockable Buff.
Basic Attacks that make contact with the Opponent have a 70% chance to inflict a 14 second Stagger Debuff. A Staggered Opponent has their next Buff Nullified.
Mole Man
Passive :
100% chance to gain a Monster Mass when inflicted with a Debuff. This has -70% chance when fighting Mutant Champions. Max 15 Stacks. Debuffs are Purified 1 second(s) after. At 5 Monster Mass or above, this time is decreased to 0.5 second(s).
Each Monster Mass grants +282.35 - 379.41
Physical Resistance.
Blocking Basic Attacks grants an Unstoppable Buff for 0.85 seconds, allowing for an immediate counter-attack. Well-Timed Blocks do not trigger this Unstoppable Buff. This ability removes 1 Monster Mass.
Gain a 75% chance to Resist a Block Break while at least 1 Monster Mass is active. Adding points into the Stand Your Ground Mastery also increases this chance. If the chance to Resist a Block Break is raised to 100%, this ability also Resists Unblockable hits. Resisting an Unblockable or a Block Break removes all Monster Mass.
Gain a Monster Mass if a Debuff fails to apply to Mole Man due to an Immunity.
Passive :
Over the course of a quest, Morningstar’s weapon captures Souls and stores up to 5 of them, empowering both her and itself. Captured Souls travel with them from fight-to-fight.
1 Soul: When struck with a Physical Contact attack, Morningstar has a 50% chance to cause her Opponent to Bleed for X damage over 5 seconds.
2 Souls: Special 1 Triggers Unstoppable for 2.5 seconds.
3 Souls: Special 2 becomes Unblockable.
4 Souls: Gain X Energy Resist, and 50% Perfect Block chance.
5 Souls: 20% chance on Hit to Life Steal 50% of the Damage done to the Opponent.
Dash Attacks:
Rhino becomes Unstoppable when Dashing towards the enemy.
Impacts from Rhino's Dash attacks have a chance to be Unblockable. This chance decreases the bigger the opponent is.
Old Beast of the North:
When below 40% of max health, getting struck by a Contact Attack has a X% chance to activate Sasquatch’s healing factor, Passively Regenerating 5% of missing health over 20 seconds. Max stacks 3.
During Wrath of Tanaraq, Sasquatch becomes Passively Unstoppable during Special and Heavy Attacks and the Opponent’s Defensive Combat Power Rate is reduced by X% when struck by these Attacks.
Passive :
At max Analysis Charges, Sentinel gains the following abilities:
Special 1 and Special 2 effects trigger on the target’s Block.
While charging a Heavy Attack, Sentinel becomes Unstoppable for 0.8 seconds. While the target is Shocked, Sentinel cannot become Unstoppable.
When Sentinel inflicts a Shock, Incinerate, Heal Block or Armor Break, its duration is increased by 100%.
The Champion
Primal Fury:
When at least one of his Fury Buffs is active, The Champion unleashes the full potential of The Power Primordial. This increases the Potency of his Armor Break by X%. Additionally, when he activates 2 or more of his Fury Buffs, he becomes Unstoppable, shrugging off the impact of the opponent’s Basic Attacks for 5 seconds.
While attacking or defending on the final node in a Quest, for each active Fury Buff and while his Unstoppable Buff is active, he regenerates X% of the damage taken this fight per second, excluding the amount already regenerated by this ability. This ability can regenerate up to a maximum of 5% Health per second.
In addition to regenerating Health, The Champion is immune to Fate Seal, Heal Block, Petrify, and any effects that modify Regeneration other than Poison.
Unstoppable Colossus
Special Attacks
Whenever Colossus starts the fight or launches a Special Attack, he calls upon the power of Cyttorak, becoming Unstoppable and shrugging off all enemy attacks for X seconds.
Passive :
Ægon unlocks additional Passive Abilities as his Combo Meter increases.
5 Hits - Critical Hits have a 40% chance to shrug off one Debuff.
10 Hits - Critical Damage Rating is increased by +9.66 - 12.98
for each hit of the Combo Meter.
20 Hits - When the Opponent Evades, Ægon activates a Combo Shield for 5 second(s) and has a 45% chance to become Unstoppable for 2 second(s).
30 Hits - Ægon can strike with Critical Hits even while the Opponent is Blocking.
50 Hits - Charging a Heavy Attack grants Ægon 1 second(s) of Unstoppable. Cannot be activated while his Heavy Attack ability is on cooldown.
75 Hits - Opponents have -X Block Proficiency when Ægon strikes with a Critical Hit
100 Hits - Critical Hits have a 100% chance to shrug off one Debuff.
150 Hits - Critical Hits grant 0.75 seconds of True Accuracy, allowing him to ignore Auto Block and all Evade effects. This stacks up to 3 times.
200 Hits - Critical Hits ignore 100% of the Opponent's Physical Resistance
300 Hits - Critical Hits grant a Fury Buff, increasing Attack by +19 - 697.6
for 1 second(s). This stacks up to 3 times.
500 Hits - Critical Hits cause Opponents to suffer -100% reduced Defensive Ability Accuracy for Ægon's next hit
750 Hits - Critical Hits grant 1.5 seconds of Unstoppable and Combo Shield. This stacks up to 3 times.
1000 Hits - Critical Hits cause Ægon's next Hit to be Unblockable






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