Special Attack 1 :
This attack is Unblockable if you are currently under the effects of a True Strike Buff.
Captain Marvel
Special Attack 1 :
In Binary Ignition, Beam Attacks are Unblockable but this attack expends 2 Energy Charges instead.
Special Attack 2 :
This attack is Unblockable.
Corvus Glaive
Special Attack 2 :
When Glaive’s Immunity is active, this Special Attack is Unblockable and instantly drains 20% of the opponent’s Power if they are at max Power.
Special Attack 2 :
This attack is Unblockable.
Special Attacks :
If Havok has 7+ Stacks of Prowess all hits of his Special Attacks become Unblockable.
Special Attack 2 :
100% Chance to be Unblockable if you have least 1 Armor Up Buff.
Special Attack 1 :
If Primal Rage is active, this attack is Unblockable.
Special Attacks :
100% chance to gain an Unblockable Buff, lasting 1 second(s).
Special Attack 1 :
This attack is Unblockable if Crowd Excitement is greater than 1.
Mole Man
Special Attack 2 :
If Frenzied: This attack pauses Unstoppable Buffs and is Unblockable.
Special Attack 2 :
While IMPERIUS REX is active this attack is Unblockable.
Old Man Logan
Special Attacks :
Special Attacks are Unblockable if Logan has 5 or more Fury Buffs.
Silver Surfer
Special Attack 2 :
If at least 3 Unique Buffs are active when launching this Special Attack, Silver Surfer creates an Unblockable Buff for 4 seconds.
Special Attack 1 :
If Thing has 15 or more Rock Stacks, he removes all Rock Stacks and this attack is Unblockable.
Special Attacks :
If the Opponent is far away from Tigra at any point during a Special Attack she gains Unblockable for the next hit.
Cosmic Control Rod:
Annihilus gains the Cosmic Control Rod at the Start of the Fight.
Whenever the opponent activates a Nullify, Fateseal, or Stagger ability, The effect is Purified and the Cosmic Control Rod is removed for 10 seconds.
Immune to Incinerate, Frostbite, Coldsnap, Power Drain, Power Steal, Power Burn, Power Lock, and Enervate.
While Taunted, gain True Accuracy, Unblockable, and Unstoppable.
Bishop prepares a unique bonus based on how many bars of Power are full at the start of the fight.
With 0 Bars: Special Attacks become Unblockable with a stack of X or more Prowess.
With 1 Bar: While Blocking, gain Stun Immunity and enemies lose X% ability accuracy.
With 2 Bars: Special Attacks leave the target Incinerated for X% of the Special Damage dealt over 5 seconds.
With 3 Bars: Start the fight with Steady Release active for X seconds.
Passive :
Carnage rips and tears at his opponents, each time he triggers a Bleed Debuff on his Opponent he has a 25% chance to Refresh the Duration of all the other Bleed Debuffs on his Opponent.
If one of his Bleeds fails to apply due to an Immunity he has a 100% chance to Armor Break his opponent instead, reducing their Armor by X lasting for 10 seconds. The Armor Break doesn’t stack.
While his Opponent is Bleeding or Armor Broken, his Special Attacks become Unblockable.
Doctor Doom
Passive :
The Aura of Haazareth can’t trigger while Doom is suffering from a Slow or Petrify Debuff and is paused during his Special Attacks.
While active, Special Attack 1 and 2 are Unblockable and grant no Power.
Light Attacks grant no Power and steal 3% of the Opponent’s current Power, gaining 200% of the Power stolen.
Contact with the Opponent has a 30% chance to Nullify up to 1 Buff.
Doom becomes Unstoppable and Stun Immune against the last hit of incoming Special 1, Special 2, and Heavy Attacks. Additionally, damage received from this hit can't exceed 5% of the Opponent's Attack.
Special Attack 2 :
Advanced cellular regeneration allows up to X Health to be recovered over 6 seconds, based on lost health.
This attack is Unblockable.
Iron-Man (Infinity War)
Heavy Attacks :
The third and final hit employs an Unblockable Blade Arm and inflicts Heal Block for 16 second(s) against targets under the effects of Regeneration.
If Kingpin's Debuffs and Rages combined equal 8, he converts them into an Overpower Buff, lasting 12 seconds and increasing his attack by X.
While in Overpower mode, Kingpin's Special Attacks become Unblockable and he cannot gain Rage.
Special Attack 2 :
If Loki has more Health points than his opponent, he has a 100% chance of dealing Energy Damage equal to 7% of their max Health. This damage cannot exceed 100000 damage.
This attack is Unblockable.
Fortune Favors The Lucky:
X% Chance to Nullify any Buff and replace it with a Bad Karma.
If Longshot Nullifies a True Strike, Unstoppable, or Unblockable Buff, Longshot gains a matching Buff for X seconds.
Passive :
Over the course of a quest, Morningstar’s weapon captures Souls and stores up to 5 of them, empowering both her and itself. Captured Souls travel with them from fight-to-fight.
1 Soul: When struck with a Physical Contact attack, Morningstar has a 50% chance to cause her Opponent to Bleed for X damage over 5 seconds.
2 Souls: Special 1 Triggers Unstoppable for 2.5 seconds.
3 Souls: Special 2 becomes Unblockable.
4 Souls: Gain X Energy Resist, and 50% Perfect Block chance.
5 Souls: 20% chance on Hit to Life Steal 50% of the Damage done to the Opponent.
Nick Fury
Tactical Advantage Charges:
Nick starts the fight with 6 Charges when fighting an Avenger.
When Nick is Struck he has a 100% chance to gain 1 Tactical Charge. Reduced to 25% against Mutant Opponents.
While Nick is under the effect of a Fury Effect, Tactical Charge durations are paused.
Nick loses 1 Charge every 6 seconds, decreasing to every 4 seconds while at or above 10 total Charges. Additionally if the Opponent performs a Well-Timed Block Nick loses 1 Charge.
At 5+ Charges: Nick's attacks can’t Miss or be Evaded.
At 10+ Charges: Nick's Purify effects now target all Debuffs.
At 15+ Charges: Nick becomes Unblockable.
At 20+ Charges: All Charges are removed and replaced with a Fury’s Fury Buff which grants X Attack Rating for 10 seconds. All Tactical Charge gains are doubled while Fury’s Fury is active.
Nova Force:
Nova’s Medium Attacks deal 30% of damage done as a burst of Energy Damage.
At 25+ Nova Charges: Nova’s Second Medium Attack deals an additional 20% of damage done as burst Energy Damage. Activating this ability consumes 25 Nova Charges.
At 50+ Nova Charges: Auto-Blocks can be triggered while Stunned. Activating this ability Purifies Stun Debuffs.
When reaching 75 Nova Charges: Gain a Fury Buff increasing Attack Rating by X for 7 seconds and refresh Nova's active Fury Buffs while below maximum stacks. Max 4 stacks.
When reaching 100 Nova Charges: Gain an Unblockable Buff for 2.5 seconds. This ability consumes 100 Nova Charges when this Buff expires, is Nullified, or prevented and prevents Nova Charges from being generated for 6 seconds.
Against Tech Champions, consuming Nova Charges inflicts an Armor Break Debuff reducing Armor by X for 24 seconds. This can only stack once.
Omega Red
Lethal Dose:
Passive - Opponent has 10 or more Death Spores
Death Spores on the opponent deal X damage per second. This damage scales with Base Attack only.
Omega Red’s Basic Tentacle Hits have a X% chance to be Unblockable.
Dash Attacks:
Rhino becomes Unstoppable when Dashing towards the enemy.
Impacts from Rhino's Dash attacks have a chance to be Unblockable. This chance decreases the bigger the opponent is.
Passive :
Sentry starts the fight in Unyielding Fortitude and changes to the next State for every 10 Hits in a Combo. When Sentry loses his Combo, he reverts to Unyielding Fortitude.
Unyielding Fortitude: 100% chance on entering this State, Sentry cannot lose his Combo. Remains until Sentry changes States.
Overpowering Light: 100% chance on entering this State, Sentry's Special 1 Attack Damage is increased by X per Reality Warp and is Unblockable. Remains until Sentry changes States.
Steadfast Approach: 100% chance on entering this State, Sentry's Heavy Attack Damage is increased by X per Reality Warp. In addition, he gains 100% chance to Perfect Block. Remains until Sentry changes States.
Absolute Strength: 100% chance on entering this State, Sentry's Special 2 Attack Damage is increased by X per Reality Warp and is Unblockable. Remains until Sentry changes States.
After Absolute Strength, Sentry restarts State of Mind, entering Unyielding Fortitude.
Storm (Pyramid X)
When Either Champion Fills a Bar of Power:
Each Tempest generates 1 Prowess, increasing the next Special Attacks damage by 40%. The first 3 Prowess Buffs last indefinitely. Additional Prowess Buffs last 10 seconds. Max 12.
If Storm has 6 Prowess effects active during a Special Attack, gain a Passive Unblockable for 1.8 second(s).
Opponents Below 18% Health:
Venom’s bloodlust grants him True Strike and Unblockable Special Attacks.
Wolverine (Weapon X)
Passive :
Weapon X gains the following bonuses while in Berserk Rage:
Gain +X Attack.
100% Chance when Struck to gain a Regeneration Passive healing 100% of the Hit Damage taken, over 5 seconds.
100% Chance when Struck to gain a Fury Passive granting +X Attack, for 5 seconds. Max: 1 Stack.
Immune to All Stun Effects.
All Attacks become Unblockable.
Passive :
Ægon unlocks additional Passive Abilities as his Combo Meter increases.
5 Hits - Critical Hits have a 40% chance to shrug off one Debuff.
10 Hits - Critical Damage Rating is increased by +X for each hit of the Combo Meter.
20 Hits - When the Opponent Evades, Ægon activates a Combo Shield for 5 second(s) and has a 45% chance to become Unstoppable for 2 second(s).
30 Hits - Ægon can strike with Critical Hits even while the Opponent is Blocking.
50 Hits - Charging a Heavy Attack grants Ægon 1 second(s) of Unstoppable. Cannot be activated while his Heavy Attack ability is on cooldown.
75 Hits - Opponents have -X Block Proficiency when Ægon strikes with a Critical Hit
100 Hits - Critical Hits have a 100% chance to shrug off one Debuff.
150 Hits - Critical Hits grant 0.75 seconds of True Accuracy, allowing him to ignore Auto Block and all Evade effects. This stacks up to 3 times.
200 Hits - Critical Hits ignore 100% of the Opponent's Physical Resistance
300 Hits - Critical Hits grant a Fury Buff, increasing Attack by +X for 1 second(s). This stacks up to 3 times.
500 Hits - Critical Hits cause Opponents to suffer -100% reduced Defensive Ability Accuracy for Ægon's next hit
750 Hits - Critical Hits grant 1.5 seconds of Unstoppable and Combo Shield. This stacks up to 3 times.
1000 Hits - Critical Hits cause Ægon's next Hit to be Unblockable






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