Obliterating Strikes:
While the Cosmic Control Rod is active, all Attacks have a 60% chance to be an Obliterating Strike.
Obliterating Strikes are not affected by Ability Accuracy reduction.
Obliterating Strikes inflict Armor Break, reducing Armor Rating by X for 5 seconds.
Annihilus is Immune to incoming Stun Debuffs while launching an Obliterating Strike.
Genetic Enhancement:
Max Stacks: 4
Start each quest with 1 Persistent Genetic Code. This becomes 2 if Defending, and 3 if Defending a final boss node.
Knocking out a non-#Robot Opponent grants 1 Genetic Code.
Gain 2 Genetic Code at the start of the fight when fighting a Mutant.
At the start of the fight gain 1 indefinite Passive Prowess for each Genetic Code, each increasing Special Attack Damage by 40%.
At 3+ Genetic Code, become Stun Immune while striking.
At 4+ Genetic Code, striking the Opponent’s block with Light Attack inflicts a Stun Debuff for 0.8 seconds. Cooldown 12 seconds. This has no effect against Well-Timed Blocks.
Bishop prepares a unique bonus based on how many bars of Power are full at the start of the fight.
With 0 Bars: Special Attacks become Unblockable with a stack of X or more Prowess.
With 1 Bar: While Blocking, gain Stun Immunity and enemies lose X% ability accuracy.
With 2 Bars: Special Attacks leave the target Incinerated for X% of the Special Damage dealt over 5 seconds.
With 3 Bars: Start the fight with Steady Release active for X seconds.
Ironskin Concoction:
4 Available each Quest
Gain +68.85 - 2397
attack and Stun Immunity for 12 seconds.
Doctor Doom
Passive :
The Aura of Haazareth can’t trigger while Doom is suffering from a Slow or Petrify Debuff and is paused during his Special Attacks.
While active, Special Attack 1 and 2 are Unblockable and grant no Power.
Light Attacks grant no Power and steal 3% of the Opponent’s current Power, gaining 200% of the Power stolen.
Contact with the Opponent has a 30% chance to Nullify up to 1 Buff.
Doom becomes Unstoppable and Stun Immune against the last hit of incoming Special 1, Special 2, and Heavy Attacks. Additionally, damage received from this hit can't exceed 5% of the Opponent's Attack.
Emma Frost
Passive :
Emma’s organic diamond is immune to all Stun, Bleed, Poison, Incinerate, Shock, Frostbite, Coldsnap, Fatigue, Concussion, and Exhaustion effects.
Passive :
Iceman begins the fight with a layer of Ice Armor active, increasing his Armor Rating by 533.33 - 716.67
If Iceman would lose more than 5% of his Max Health from a single source, his Ice Armor protects him from the blow, reducing the health loss to 5%, then it shatters.
If Iceman would become Stunned while his Ice Armor is active, the Ice Armor negates the effect, then shatters.
Once shattered, Ice Armor takes 15 seconds to reform.
While Unstoppable:
Juggernaut is immune to Stun Debuffs and if the opponent attempts to Stun him, he will instead apply his Heavy Attack Stagger to them.
Nick Fury
Hitting into Auto-Block:
When hitting into Auto-Block Nick is Stun Immune and has a 100% chance to inflict a Bleed dealing X damage over X seconds.
Wrath of Tanaraq:
If Sasquatch has 5 or more Rage, each stack gained above this threshold has a flat 10% chance to remove all stacks and trigger Wrath of Tanaraq. This lasts for 1.70 seconds per stack removed.
During Wrath of Tanaraq Sasquatch is Stun Immune.
Gain 861.54 - 1157.69
Block Penetration and +50% Combat Power Rate.
Special Attack 1 and 2 cost 50% less power and Special Attack 3 costs 25% less Power.
While the Opponent has 3 full Bars of Power, Special and Heavy Attacks will Power Drain 5% of their max Power.
The Hood
Dark Dealings:
With some help from Dormammu, the Hood learns to better harness his demonic equipment. While his Invisibility is in cool down, the Hood becomes Stun Immune and his basic attacks have a X% chance to Steal X% of the opponent’s Power.
Wolverine (Weapon X)
Passive :
Weapon X gains the following bonuses while in Berserk Rage:
Gain +2414 - 3111
100% Chance when Struck to gain a Regeneration Passive healing 100% of the Hit Damage taken, over 5 seconds.
100% Chance when Struck to gain a Fury Passive granting +3621 - 4666.5
Attack, for 5 seconds. Max: 1 Stack.
Immune to All Stun Effects.
All Attacks become Unblockable.




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