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Regeneration allows the user to regain lost Health.
Passive :
For each 10% of Max Health taken in damage immediately gain a Resilience counter.
When below 100% of Max Health, without an active Regeneration Buff, convert a Resilience counter into a Regeneration Buff, healing X Health over 10 seconds.
Passive :
15% chance to Regenerate X Health for 10 seconds, each time a Power threshold is reached. This ability stops working below 25% Health.
Passive :
Dropping below 20% Health activates Regeneration, recovering up to X Health over 6 seconds. This occurs only once per fight, and the amount Healed is tied to the Power Meter.
Special Attack 1 :
After the attack Diablo starts drinking an elixir, recovering up to X Health based on how long he continues to drink.
Doctor Voodoo
Fight Start:
100% chance to Regenerate X health over 10 seconds.
When brought below 15% Max Health:
Once per fight, Goldpool has a 999% chance to gain Regeneration, recovering X Health over 8 seconds. Leave my Regen alone Black Widow! You too Crossbones!
Green Goblin
Passive :
While Green Goblin has more Madness than Cunning, or the two are equal, he passively Regenerates up to 60% of damage taken from Basic Attacks and opponents deal -30% less damage on Special Attacks.
Special Attack 2 :
Advanced cellular regeneration allows up to X Health to be recovered over 6 seconds, based on lost health.
This attack is Unblockable.
Guillotine 2099
When Below 15% Health:
Once per fight, when Guillotine drops below 15% health and she has at least 1 Digi-Soul, Self-Repair is activated, recovering X health per Digi-Soul over 4 seconds. This ability triggers instantly when starting a fight below 15% health. If Stunned during repair, connection is lost and the Repair immediately ends.
King Groot
Special Attack 3 :
King Groot overloads his floral cells to gain a Regeneration Buff, recovering X Health over 3 seconds. If King Groot has a Fury Buff, he consumes it to increase the duration of the Regeneration effect by 50%.
Special Attack 3 :
Up to 40% chance based on Health lost to Regenerate instead of gaining a Fury stack, Recovering X Health in 6 seconds.
Special Attacks :
Namor Regenerates 3% of his missing Health.
Passive :
Nebula starts the fight with 2 Self-Repair charges that activate when the opponent deals more than 110% of their Attack in a single hit, repairing the damage taken over 5 seconds. If Stunned during her Self-Repair, the Repair stops.
Old Man Logan
100% Chance every 20 seconds:
Old Man Logan gains a Regeneration Buff which heals X Health over 20 seconds. While this Regeneration Buff is active, incoming Bleed effects gain +50% duration but suffer -95% Potency, giving Logan more time to deal with them.
When brought below 35% Max Health:
Once per fight, Platinumpool gains a Regeneration Buff, recovering X Health over 8 second(s).
Punisher 2099
Nano-Tech: Automatic Effects:
Punisher drops below 10% Health - the Battery is drained entirely, allowing Punisher to Regenerate X Health over 10 seconds for each percent drained.
Red Hulk
Special Attack 2 :
Expends 2 Heat Charge(s) to Regenerate X Health.
Special Attack 3 :
Passively Regenerate 10% of missing health over 5 seconds. This is increased by a flat +1% per Rage Stack.
Special Attack 3 :
If Sentinel already has an Armor Up passive, consume the Armor Up passive and instantly regenerate Health up to X based on lost Health.
Special Attack 3 :
When Health is below 50%, Sentry consumes one Reality Warp to Heal X over 3 seconds.
The Champion
Special Attack 1 :
When The Champion has 4 or more Persistent Charges, he spends one to activate a Regeneration Buff, regenerating X Health over 3 seconds.
Ultron Prime
Passive :
Once per fight, when dropping below 50% Health, Ultron activates Self-Repair, recovering X Health over 10 seconds. If Stunned during his Self-Repair, Ultron Loses Connection and the Repair stops.
Special Attack 3 :
Regenerate 44.4 - 1602.6
Health for each Infection the Opponent has.
When Attacked:
14% chance to Regenerate up to X Health over 4 seconds based on stored Power.
Wolverine (Weapon X)
When Attacked:
While not in a Berserk Rage 50% Chance when Struck to gain a Regeneration Passive healing 40% of the Hit Damage taken, over 5 seconds.
Wolverine (X-23)
When Attacked:
15% chance to Regenerate up to X Health over 4 seconds based on stored Power.
Chain Combo:
While in Freestyle combat form, performing a Medium hit followed by a Light, Light, Light and Medium combo inflicts X Direct Damage per blow.
Successfully completing a Freestyle combo increases Beast's Critical Rating by 100 for 5 seconds.
While in Acrobatic combat form, Blocking an attack followed by a Medium, Light, Light, Medium combo Regenerates X Health per move.
Successfully completing an Acrobatic combo causes opponents to get 50% less Power when getting hit and attacking for 5 seconds.
When unsuccessfully performing a combo, there will be a 5 second delay before you can start a new combo.
Blocking :
Steadily consume Prowess to Regenerate X Health per Prowess consumed.
Each Prowess consumed has an 100% chance to Purify 1 Bleed Debuff(s).
Black Widow (Claire Voyant)
Special Attack 2 :
Each hit grants an effect determined by Claire’s active curse.
Curse of Blood: Regenerate 35% of the damage dealt.
Curse of Plague: Steal 5% of the Opponent’s current Power.
Curse of Hellfire: Deal a burst of X direct energy damage.
Vampiric Immortality:
Holding Block
When below 70% Health, Blade’s healing factor allows him to recover X Health for the cost of X% of a Bar of Power per second.
Null Space Regen:
If Darkhawk enters a Mode from a different Mode, he Regenerates X Health over 2 seconds.
Special Attack 3 :
Gain a Dimensional Link buff causing Dormammu to continually gain Dark Energy for X seconds.
Imbued: Gain an Empowered Dimensional Link buff. While it is active Dormammu will Regenerate X% of Damage done by the Soul Bond detonation.
Dragon Man
Special Attack 3 :
Consume all stacks of Power Charge. Each contributing 4 seconds to an Unstoppable Buff. While active, this Unstoppable instantly regenerates 85% of hit damage received from all attacks other than Special 3’s.
Howard The Duck
Mash ALL the Buttons!:
When brought below 60% and 30% Max Health
Howard frantically mashes buttons on the Loader console and has a X% chance to trigger a Self Repair or Thunderquack. Both effects last 7 seconds and are interrupted if Howard is Stunned. Self Repair Heals X Health.
Thunderquack deals X Energy Damage.
Hulk (Immortal)
When receiving damage that would knock out Hulk, consume 15% of Max Health as Gamma Radiation and gain an Immortality Passive, preventing death and becoming Unblockable for 8 second(s). This ability has a 50 second cooldown.
While active, any damage prevented by Immortality consumes an equal amount of Gamma Radiation instead. This does not apply to self-inflicted Damage.
When Immortality expires, consume all Gamma Radiation. Become Invulnerable and gain a Regeneration Passive, recovering X Health plus all Gamma Radiation as Health over 1 second(s).
Hulk (Ragnarok)
Pollice Verso:
Once per fight when either Hulk or his Opponent hits X% Health remaining the crowd judges that fighter's performance. If they feel they fought well they give a Thumbs Up, if they feel they fought poorly a Thumbs Down. Each judgement grants Hulk a Passive effect.
Thumbs Up: Regenerate X Health on Hulk over X seconds.
Thumbs Down: +X Attack for the rest of the fight.
Veronica Mk II:
Brought below 15% Health - Once Per Fight
100% chance to activate a Self-Repair Buff lasting 12 seconds and recovering X Health. This Buff is lost if Hulkbuster is Stunned.
Giant-Buster: +X Attack rating while Self-Repair is active.
Iron Wall: +X% Self-Repair Potency.
Passive :
Hyperion triggers Cosmic Healing by dashing backwards and holding block for 2 seconds, at a cost of 3 Cosmic Charges.
Cosmic Healing Regenerates X of Hyperion's Health over 15 seconds.
After triggering Cosmic Healing, Hyperion will be unable to generate Cosmic Charges for 45 seconds.
Iron Man
Arc Overload:
Iron Man overloads the Arc Reactor in his chest if Health drops below 15%, briefly extending his life span with a burst of X Health.
While in Arc Overload, Iron Man also gains an Armor Up for X seconds, increasing his Armor Rating by X.
Iron Patriot
Arc Overload:
Norman Osborn overloads the Arc Reactor in his chest if Health drops below 15%, gaining X Regeneration, and 50% Power Gain. After that, his suit burns out and cannot trigger Armor Up, Armor Break or Stun and loses all base Armor.
While under Arc Overload Iron Patriot also gains an Armor Up, increasing Armor Rating by X.
Joe Fixit
Passive :
HEARTS: Joe triggers his accelerated healing ability, granting X health recovery per minute.
SPADES: Mr. Fixit is morally ambiguous at best and knows how to make his punches hurt. Each attack has a 14% chance to Weaken or Fatigue the opponent, reducing attack by 10% and Critical Rating by X.
CLUBS: Joe isn’t some dumb brute and he’s smart enough to take advantage of anyone who thinks he is, granting X Critical Rating for each hit of his combo meter.
DIAMONDS: He may not be as big as the Hulk, but you still won’t like him when he’s angry. Joe gains up to X Attack based on lost health.
Strength of the Swamp:
Special Attacks
If Man-Thing is at or above 50% Health it has a 100% Chance to trigger a Fury Buff, increasing its Attack by X for 10 seconds.
If Man-Thing is below 50% Health it has a 100% Chance to trigger a Regeneration Buff regaining X Health over 10 seconds.
Passive :
Mephisto starts a quest with 3 Persistent Soul Charges, gaining an additional charge each time he knocks out an opponent, up to a max of 6 Soul Charges. Persistent Soul Charges travels with him from fight-to-fight.
When below 30% Health, each Persistent Soul Charge is consumed, Regenerating X Health per charge. Mephisto does not take damage while consuming his Persistent Soul Charges through this ability.
Mister Sinister
Molecular Regeneration:
Mister Sinister's Regeneration Rate cannot be lowered below 0%.
100% chance to Regenerate 70% of damage dealt by enemy Critical Hits over 0.4 seconds. Abilities cannot modify the Ability Accuracy, Duration, or Potency of this ability, aside from effects that would modify Mister Sinister's Regeneration Rate.
Regeneration Rate is increased by 1% for every hit on the opponent’s Combo Meter up to 50 hits.
Audience Adoration:
Mojo gains additional Passive abilities based on how many Followers he has.
1 million - Any time a Buff expires or is Nullified off the Opponent, Mojo heals for 3% of his Missing Health over 2 second(s). This does not stack.
3 million - When a Prompt is completed, Mojo gains up to 50% of a Bar of Power based on how many Followers he has.
5 million - Completing a Prompt has a 100% chance to place a Hater Buff on the Opponent for 20 second(s). Basic Attacks have a 15% chance to place one. Haters have no effect.
Soul Link:
If Morningstar has less than 1 Captured Souls at the start of a fight, she gains 1.
Morningstar’s weapon grants her a link to her Opponent’s Soul, allowing her to siphon away a portion of the power from any Fury, Power Gain, or Regeneration Buffs they trigger, reducing their potency by X%, and granting her her own Buff.
Fury: +X Attack for 15 Seconds.
Regeneration: +X Health over 15 Seconds.
Power Gain: +X% Power over 15 Seconds.
Rite of the Phoenix:
Once per fight when the Phoenix is struck by a blow that would knock her out, she immediately becomes invulnerable for 2 seconds, and consumes all of her Phoenix Force charges, regaining X Health per charge. After which she gains 1 Phoenix Force charges.
Untamed Heart:
When Attacked
Sabretooth gains a Passive Regeneration stack that recovers X% of the damage taken from the hit over X seconds and is interrupted if Sabretooth is Heal Blocked.
Fury and Regeneration effects receive a permanent +X% flat Ability Accuracy.
If Sabretooth does not hit or get struck by the opponent for more than X seconds, he starts losing Regeneration stacks over time.
Scarlet Witch
Veil of Fortune:
Critical Hits
Whenever a Critical Hit occurs for either player, there's a 85% chance the Scarlet Witch triggers her chaos magic, generating 0 - 8 Buffs or Debuffs.
Sorcerer Supreme
Special Attacks :
All Special Attacks store Runes of the current Blessing. Stored Runes have no effect.
After Runes are stored, Sorcerer Supreme then consumes up to 1 of each Rune to trigger different effects.
Runes of Cyttorak Armor Break the Opponent for 12 second(s), reducing Armor Rating by -X.
Runes of Raggadorr Passively Regenerate Sorcerer Supreme for X Health over 12 second(s). While this is active, Sorcerer Supreme Regenerates 75% of the damage she takes from Blocked Hits.
Runes of Ikonn Slow the Opponent for 12 second(s), reducing Unstoppable and Evade Ability Accuracy by 100%, and preventing the effects of Unstoppable. Slow won't trigger against natural Class Advantage.
Superior Iron Man
Arc Overload:
Iron Man overloads the Arc Reactor in his chest if Health drops below 15%, briefly extending his life span with a burst of X Health.
While in Arc Overload, Iron Man also gains an Armor Up for 6 seconds, increasing his Armor Rating by X.
Special Attack 1 :
Each strike has a 55% chance to steal a Buff and feed it to the symbiote, Nullifying the Buff, triggering a Genetic Memory Buff and healing Venom for X Health.
Venom The Duck
Symbiote Buffs - Survival Category:
Armor Up: +X Armor Rating for 12 seconds.
Regeneration: Recover X Health over 12 seconds.
Perfect Block: +25% Perfect Block Chance for 12 seconds.
Om Nom:
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