Power Gain allows the user to gain Power without attacking or being attacked, allowing them to use Special Attacks.
Special Attack 1 :
Any Paused Stifles on the Opponent increase Annihilus’ Offensive Power Gain by 9%.
When nearby Bleeding Opponents:
For every stack of Bleed on the opponent, generates 7% of a Bar of Power per second.
Captain Marvel
Special Attack 3 :
Gain a Power Gain Buff generating 40% of max Power over 10 seconds.
When Attacked or When Attacking:
If all of Colossus’ Abilities are below 100% Ability Accuracy, he gains +100% Combat Power Rate for the duration of the attack.
Cosmic Ghost Rider
Finish a 5 Hit Combo With a Light Attack:
If the Judgment of Power Gain is not active: 100% Chance to trigger a Power Gain Buff, granting 75% of a Bar of Power over 1.25 seconds.
Cyclops (Blue Team)
Passive :
With precise control over inter-dimensional energies, Cyclops gains Power faster at low Power levels.
Deadpool (X-Force)
Passive :
Dropping below 30% Health grants a burst of 60% Power.
Dr. Strange
Special Attack 1 :
This attack may deal up to 100% additional damage and recover up to 100% Power at random.
Passive :
Havok Passively generates 2.5% of a Bar of Power each second.
Special Attack 1 :
100% chance to gain a Power Gain Buff for each Armor Up Buff more than Fury Buff active on Heimdall. These Power Gains grant 12.5% of his Max Power, over 10 seconds.
Always Active:
Mangog suffers -40% Combat Power Rate, instead gaining 5% of a Power Bar every second while below 2 full Bars.
Heavy Attacks :
Mordo gains 16.6% of max Power per second while below 1 Power bar.
Heavy Attacks :
100% Chance to trigger a Power Gain granting 5% of Max Power per Captured Soul over 15 seconds. Max: 1 Stack.
Heavy Attacks :
While IMPERIUS REX is active, launching a Heavy Attack consumes 15 stacks of Outrage to generate 100% of a bar of Power.
While dashing forward:
While dashing forward, Nova passively gains up to 20% of a Bar of Power based on the distance travelled.
Peni Parker
Power Gain:
no details available
Special Attack 1 :
If this attack causes your opponent’s Power to be reduced over a Special Attack bar threshold, Psylocke will Gain Power until she reaches 1 Bar of Power over 0.25 seconds.
Power Gain:
no details available
Scarlet Witch
Power Gain:
no details available
Sorcerer Supreme
Passive :
Sorcerer Supreme gains 70% less Power from Attacking, Blocking, and being Struck, but gains 25% of her Max Power every 9 second(s).
Special Attack 2 :
The last hit grants Terrax a Power Gain Buff, generating 40% of his Max Power over 12 seconds. Max 1.
Techno Organic Virus Suppression:
Cable's immense mutant powers are hampered by having to constantly keep the techno organic virus in check. As the strength of the virus wanes, Cable has a X% chance to gain 16.5% Power over 10 seconds each time he fills a bar of power.
The sight and smell of blood triggers Carnage’s bloodlust, granting a Power Gain Buff when activating a Bleed on the opponent that lasts as long as the Opponent is Bleeding or Armor Broken. The Power Gain grants up to X% of a Bar of Power per second based on how close Carnage is to the opponent.
Counterflow Concoction:
4 Available each Quest
Gain 110% of a bar of Power over 12 seconds and allow basic attacks a 25% chance to Nullify for that duration.
Doctor Doom
Indomitable Will:
Whenever Doom Nullifies a Power Gain Buff he receives one for himself, granting 20% of his max Power over 3 seconds.
If the Opponent isn’t already Shocked whenever Doom Nullifies any Buff, they have a X% chance to be inflicted with a Shock Debuff, dealing X direct energy damage over 6 seconds.
Doctor Voodoo
Special Attack 3 :
100% chance of applying Power Leech to the target stealing 45% Power over 20 seconds.
When the Power Leech ends for any reason, Doctor Voodoo gains an equivalent Power Gain Buff.
Passive :
At the start of the fight, opponents lose -238.89 - -177.78
Critical Rating and Domino gains the same amount.
Opponents lose 15% Ability Accuracy. This reduction has no effect against abilities that trigger at the start of a fight.
Whenever one of Domino’s abilities fails to trigger, she gains +10% Ability Accuracy for 8 seconds.
Domino’s Bleed abilities tend to strike vital points and have a chance to benefit from her Critical Damage bonuses equal to her Critical Chance.
Opponents’ Bleed abilities tend to graze and have a 50% chance to expire after only 1 second(s). Whenever a Bleed expires prematurely, Domino is inspired and gains 10% of her maximum Power instantly.
Blocking :
While Guardian has an Armor Up, Well-Timed Blocks against Special Attacks grant 100% Perfect Block Chance over 0.50 second(s). Each Perfect Block grants 10% of a bar of Power.
Passive :
Gains charges periodically.
Maximum 3 charges at a time.
Each charge passively increases Physical Resistance by 464.52 - 624.19
Each charge passively increases Attack by 39.5 - 1424.5
Whenever not at full Power, Cosmic Charges are converted into Power Gain Buffs, 1 at a time.
Iron Patriot
Arc Overload:
Norman Osborn overloads the Arc Reactor in his chest if Health drops below 15%, gaining X Regeneration, and 50% Power Gain. After that, his suit burns out and cannot trigger Armor Up, Armor Break or Stun and loses all base Armor.
While under Arc Overload Iron Patriot also gains an Armor Up, increasing Armor Rating by X.
Iron-Man (Infinity War)
Deflector Protocol:
Once per fight, Iron Man’s Model 50 suit executes an emergency protocol if attacked while 15% Health or less remains, creating a hardened exterior by instantly granting X stack(s) of Molecular Armor.
While 15% Health or less remains and Iron Man is under the effects of an Armor effect, the suit generates X% Power per second and has a 100% chance to Auto-Block attacks without consuming Armor. This Auto-Block triggers Parry.
Rising in power through sorcery and subterfuge, Loki generates one bar of Power over X seconds. as long as he is below 1 bar.
Master Plan:
Persistent Charge
M.O.D.O.K. gains +X Block Proficiency for each Class defeated within the same Quest, plus a unique Block bonus for subsequent fights against that Class.
Mutant: Reduce X% Special Attack damage.
Tech: Gain X% Power when struck.
Cosmic: Reduce X% damage for each unique Buff on the enemy.
Mystic: Steal X% Power when struck.
Science: Reduce X% damage for each unique Debuff active.
Skill: Why bother? They’re not even superhuman!
Aura of Incineration:
When Aura of Incineration is active, Mephisto generates Power through his passive Power Gain. Also, for each stack, nearby opponents take 8.3 - 296.5
Incinerate Energy Damage per second.
Mister Sinister
Engineered Perfection:
Persistent Charge
Each time Mister Sinister defeats an opponent, he extracts their genetic code, gaining a different Passive ability for the rest of the quest depending on the defeated Champion’s Class. (Max 3 of each Passive, 10 Passives total)
Mutant: Prowess, increasing Special Attack Damage by 30%.
Skill: Precision, increasing Critical Rating by X.
Science: Regen Rate, increasing Regeneration Rate by 20%.
Mystic: Power Rate, increasing Power Rate by 20%.
Cosmic: Fury, increasing Attack Rating by X.
Audience Adoration:
Mojo gains additional Passive abilities based on how many Followers he has.
1 million - Any time a Buff expires or is Nullified off the Opponent, Mojo heals for 3% of his Missing Health over 2 second(s). This does not stack.
3 million - When a Prompt is completed, Mojo gains up to 50% of a Bar of Power based on how many Followers he has.
5 million - Completing a Prompt has a 100% chance to place a Hater Buff on the Opponent for 20 second(s). Basic Attacks have a 15% chance to place one. Haters have no effect.
Night Thrasher
Passive :
Well Timed Blocks and successful Dodges grant 5% of max Power while Night Thrasher is under 1 Bar of Power.
Special Attack 1 :
Gain 10% Power for each Phoenix Force charge, consuming all but 1 of them.
Consumes up to 1 Fury Buffs, increasing Special Damage by 10% per Fury consumed.
Microverse Overlord:
Whenever an Opponent’s ability fails to trigger while they’re suffering from one of Psycho-Man’s Concussions, they are inflicted with a Heal Block Debuff for X second(s).
If they are already Heal Blocked, and have been so for at least 0.5 second(s), they are Power Locked for X second(s) instead.
Whenever the Opponent Heals while Heal Blocked, or gains Power while Power Locked, Psycho-Man gains X% of a Bar of Power, scaling up or down with how much Health or Power they would have gained.
Scarlet Witch (Classic)
Veil of Fortune:
Critical Hits
Whenever a Critical Hit occurs for either player, there's a 85% chance the Scarlet Witch triggers her chaos magic, generating 0 - 8 Buffs or Debuffs.
Silver Surfer
Rotating Buffs - Max 2 of Each:
Refresh the expiry of all active Buffs when creating a Rotating Buff that does not already exist.
Power Rate: Increase Power Rate by 15% for 15 seconds.
Fury: Increase Attack Rating by 39.5 - 1410
for 24 seconds.
Armor Up: Increase Armor Rating by 1600 - 2150
for 24 seconds.
Self Sustaining Power:
While in Cosmic Energy Overload, Super-Skrull gains a Power Gain Buff, granting X% of a Bar of Power per second.
Thor (Ragnarok)
Boon of the Gods:
Activates for every 40 hits on the Combo Meter or whenever struck 20 times.
Fills to max Power over 5.5 seconds. This Power Gain is interrupted If Thor gets knocked down by a Special Attack. Boon of the Gods is not affected by Ability Accuracy and prevents Thor from gaining Power when struck by Special Attacks.
Venom The Duck
Symbiote Buffs - Frenzy Category:
Fury: +X Attack for 12 seconds.
Precision: +X Critical Rating for 12 seconds.
Power Rate: +50% Power Gain Rate for 12 seconds.
The only known Synthezoid, the Vision is capable of synthesizing X Power periodically during battle. 01001111 01010000
Vision (Aarkus)
Power of Smokeworld - Buff:
Max: 5
Aarkus draws strength from the Smokeworld dimension at all times. He starts the fight with a Power Gain Buff, and gains 1 every 10 second(s).
These Buffs last indefinitely. The first one grants Aarkus 4% of a Bar of Power every 1 second(s), and every subsequent Power Gain Buff is 33.33% less effective.
He also gains one whenever his Power is Drained or he receives a Power Lock Debuff.
Thermal Absorption:
Vulture upgrades his suit to convert excess heat into power allowing him to start the fight at full Chitauri Energy and absorb any Incinerate Debuff applied to him, using it to fill his Chitauri Energy.
Additionally, while the Opponent is Incinerated, Gain X% Power every 0.5 second(s).






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