Poison deals a fixed amount of damage over a certain time period.
Passive :
Whenever Abomination bleeds, his irradiated blood has a 95% chance to Poison the enemy for 142.5 - 558.75
Direct Damage over 10 seconds.
Special Attack 2 :
Ants feast on the target's Fatigue, replacing it with Poison that deals 132 - 505.5
Direct Damage over 18 seconds.
Passive :
Each Bleed Debuff on your opponent increases the chance of any of Poison triggering by a flat 25%, and reduces the chance that an opponent’s Tenacity ability will trigger by the same.
Heavy Attacks :
Diablo destroys his Brewed Concoction to inflict Poison, dealing X direct damage over 10 seconds and reducing Healing effects by 30%.
Green Goblin
Bag of Tricks - Special & Heavy Attacks:
Poison - deals X direct damage over 12 seconds.
King Groot
Special Attack 2 :
100% chance to Poison the opponent, dealing X direct damage over 8 seconds. If King Groot has a Fury Buff, he consumes it to apply an additional Poison effect.
Special Attack 3 :
100% Chance to place a Poison Debuff on the Opponent causing up to X damage based on Agitation over 20 seconds, and reducing all Regeneration by 30%.
Basic Attacks :
function Radiation(636.77
Poison damage, 6.5 seconds, 19% chance)
Black Widow (Claire Voyant)
Curse of Damnation:
Finishing a combo with a Medium attack inflicts 1 Debuff. Throwing a Heavy Attack or Special 1 inflicts up to 3 Debuffs. These Debuffs are determined by Claire’s active curse and last for 8 seconds.
Curse of Blood: Bleed, dealing X direct damage.
Curse of Plague: Poison, dealing X damage and reducing health recovery by 30%.
Curse of Hellfire: Incinerate, dealing X damage, removing Perfect Block Chance and reducing Block Proficiency by 50%.
Doctor Voodoo
Special Attack 1 :
50% chance to Envenom each of the opponent’s Buffs, Nullifying it, and applying a Poison dealing 1145 - 2152.5
Direct Damage over 20 seconds.
Howard The Duck
Special Attack 2 :
The super-charged B.F.G. fires out a barrage of strange bullets to cause different effects. Each effect has a 30% chance to activate. Possible Effects: Heal Block, Power Drain, Poison, Armor Break, Power Lock, Shock, Weakness
Passive :
Mysterio’s second Medium attack generates 1 Chemical Gas, stacking up to 3 total. Gas can’t be generated while his helmet is cracked.
Landing a Heavy Attack with 1 or more Chemical Gas consumes them and inflicts the Opponent with a single Poison Debuff, dealing X direct damage scaling with Base Attack, per Chemical Gas consumed over X seconds and reducing health recovery by 30%.
While inflicted by Mysterio’s Poison, Spider-Verse Heroes can’t Evade.
Scarlet Witch
Veil of Fortune:
Critical Hits
Whenever a Critical Hit occurs for either player, there's a 85% chance the Scarlet Witch triggers her chaos magic, generating 0 - 8 Buffs or Debuffs.




Kind Title Actions
counter ability Poison Immunity
counter ability Poison Resistance