Evade allows a Champion to instantly dodge an attack.
Black Widow
When Attacked:
3% chance to automatically dodge incoming attacks.
Black Widow (Deadly Origin)
Counter-Attack Evade:
When caused to Miss, gain a Passive Evade granting 100% Chance to Evade the next Basic Attack for 8 seconds. After triggering an Evade this effect is removed. Evade does not trigger while holding block.
When triggering an Evade, Black Widow Counter-Attacks with a Flashbang. This attack cannot Miss and does not generate Power.
When triggering an Evade through any of Black Widow's personal Evade abilities, inflict a Sabotage Debuff reducing Defensive Ability Accuracy by 20% for 6 seconds. Sabotage deals 1.74 - 62.8
Direct Damage whenever an Opponent's Defensive Abilities fail to trigger.
Elsa Bloodstone
Well-Timed Blocks:
When performing a Well-Timed block on basic attacks, Elsa has a 100% chance to Evade. This ability goes on Cooldown for 11 seconds.
When performing an Evade, Elsa counter attacks with her Revolver and deals 13.05 - 471
Direct Physical Damage on Hit. This attack generates no Power for the Opponent.
Mister Fantastic
Passive :
5% chance to Evade for each non-Damaging Debuff on either Champion. Does not trigger during a Well-Timed Block.
Moon Knight
When Attacked:
In the darkness of a New Moon, evade attacks with a 5% chance.
Special Attack 1 :
Using this attack increases Nightcrawler’s chance to Evade by 33% for 10 seconds if in Neyaphem Mode.
Evades all Basic Attacks against opponents with a Concussion.
Evade Effects:
+550% Evade Ability Accuracy vs. Unblockable Special Attacks.
While Blocking, this Champion will not attempt to Evade.
Dash Back and Hold Block:
Activate Spider-Sense, granting 100% chance to Evade. This Evade will trigger even while Blocking.
When this Evade triggers, Spider-Sense goes on cooldown for 12 second(s).
Spider-Man (Miles Morales)
When Attacked:
Miles begins the fight with 5 Spider-Sense charges. Each charge grants him a Passive 6.5% chance to Evade incoming attacks at the cost of 1 charge.
Spider-Man (Stark Enhanced)
When Attacked:
Spider-Man’s burgeoning Spider-Sense grants him a Passive 3% chance to Evade an incoming attack.
Heavy Attacks :
While Charging a Heavy Attack and 0.1 seconds after launching a Heavy Attack, all non-contact hits from Special Attacks have a 100% chance to Miss.
Passive :
function Evade(every 7 seconds)
Ultron Prime
Passive :
function Evade(every 7 seconds)
Daredevil (Classic)
Radar Sense:
With acute sensory perception more attuned than even Spider-Man, Daredevil evades projectiles with a X% chance.
Assassin's Cunning:
Prevent the Opponent’s Evade effects.
Gain a 60% chance to Evade an incoming Basic Attack while not Blocking. Evading removes Assassin’s Cunning.
The Bleed Debuffs from Hit-Monkey’s Nunchaku can be Critical Bleeds, multiplying their Potency by his Critical Damage Multiplier. The chance for a Critical Bleed is equal to his Critical chance.
The chance for Critical Bleeds to occur is further increased for every 3 Critical Hits landed in a row during Assassin’s Cunning.
Unrelenting Agility:
When Attacked
While at 7 Cruelty Passives, Ronin gains Evasion on the next incoming hit for X seconds. Removes all Cruelty Passives when Ronin Evades an attack. Successful Evades do not grant Stance Abilities.
When Ronin Evades an attack, gain a Fury Passive increasing Attack Rating by X for 7 seconds.
Spider-Man (Classic)
Spider Sense:
When Attacked
Increased agility coupled with small stature and a sixth sense for imminent danger make Spider-Man X% more elusive.
Spider-Man (Stealth Suit)
Spider-Man begins the fight with a Spider-Sense Charge granting him a Passive 70% chance to Evade incoming Basic Attacks when not Blocking.
When Spider-Man Evades an attack, Spider-Sense goes on cooldown for 25 seconds.
Dodging or Evading incoming hits pauses Fury and Precision Passives for 3.5 seconds.
Spider-Man (Symbiote)
Symbiotic Enhancement:
Special Attacks
The strange alien Symbiote grants Spider-Man enhanced Spider Senses whenever he activates a special attack, granting X% Evasion for 8 seconds.
When Attacked:
Wasp has a 8% chance to shrug off all Damaging Debuffs other than Bleed, then shrink to Counter Attack, Evading the opponent’s attack and inflicting Shock, dealing X Energy Damage over 8 seconds.






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