Special Attack 1 :
Up to 80% of Basic Attack damage is replaced with bursts of Energy Damage for 15 seconds, allowing Bishop to mitigate Armor and abilities that reflect attack damage.
This bonus Energy Damage increases by 6% for each Prowess consumed by Special 1.
Up to 40% of this Energy Damage penetrates the enemy Block.
Black Widow (Deadly Origin)
Passive :
Baton Hits deal Energy Damage instead of Physical and have a 40% chance to inflict a Shock Debuff dealing X Energy Damage for 3.65 seconds.
All Attacks :
Havok’s Medium Attacks, Heavy Attacks, and Light combo ending attacks do not make Contact, and deal Energy Damage.
Human Torch
Basic Attacks :
Basic attacks deal Energy Damage instead of Physical.
Mole Man
Critical Hits :
Deal X as a burst of Energy Damage if the opponent is suffering from a Shock Debuff.
Medium Attacks :
Nova’s Medium Attacks do not make Contact and deal Energy Damage.
Sorcerer Supreme
Basic Attacks :
Basic attacks deal Energy Damage instead of Physical.
Storm (Pyramid X)
Basic Attacks :
Storm’s basic attacks deal Energy Damage instead of Physical.
Vision (Aarkus)
Special Attack 1 :
If the Opponent is Armor Shattered, this Attack deals X bonus Energy damage.
Black Widow (Claire Voyant)
Special Attack 2 :
Each hit grants an effect determined by Claire’s active curse.
Curse of Blood: Regenerate 35% of the damage dealt.
Curse of Plague: Steal 5% of the Opponent’s current Power.
Curse of Hellfire: Deal a burst of X direct energy damage.
Captain Marvel
Binary Ignition:
While at 10 Energy Charges or over, Dashing back and holding Block for 1.2 seconds or being Knocked Down Purifies all Debuffs and pushes Captain Marvel into Binary Ignition. Captain Marvel enters Binary Ignition automatically at 25 Energy Charges.
In Binary Ignition, Captain Marvel does not generate Energy Charges and each Charge lasts 1.2 seconds.
Gain a Permanent Fury Buff increasing Attack by X for every 5 stacks of Energy Charge. All Fury Buffs are removed when Energy Charges fall to zero.
Damaging Energy Debuffs increase the duration of Energy Charges by 1 second.
The chance to inflict Armor Break with a Light or Medium Attack increases to 60%.
Deal an additional X% of damage dealt as a burst of Energy Damage when striking an opponent with an Armor Break Debuff.
Landing Heavy Attacks while in Binary Ignition generates 3 Energy Charges.
Cull Obsidian
Dash Back and Hold Block for 1.2 seconds - Once per Fight
Cull Obsidian overcharges his weapon to gain a Rout Buff for 8 seconds. This causes his opponent to suffer -100% Auto-Block Ability Accuracy and also grants his attacks an additional burst of Energy Damage equal to 120% of the damage dealt.
Embermoon Concoction:
4 Available each Quest
For 12 seconds, attacks deal a burst of additional Energy Damage equal to 55% of the damage dealt plus an additional 20% for each Buff the opponent has.
Critical Failure:
Opponents take up to X Energy Damage over 1.5 second(s) whenever their abilities fail to trigger. Damage scales with Base Attack only. Potency decreases temporarily for consecutive triggers.
Howard The Duck
Mash ALL the Buttons!:
When brought below 60% and 30% Max Health
Howard frantically mashes buttons on the Loader console and has a X% chance to trigger a Self Repair or Thunderquack. Both effects last 7 seconds and are interrupted if Howard is Stunned. Self Repair Heals X Health.
Thunderquack deals X Energy Damage.
Deals 43.5 - 289.75
Energy Damage per second. Any damage Magik takes during this period is rewound when the effect expires.
Special Attack 2 :
Opponents suffer from Mordo’s Soul Barb spell for 14 seconds, dealing X Energy Damage per opponent Buff per second. Additionally, Soul Barb reduces Health recovery by 70%.
Hydrokinetic Armor:
Namor takes X% reduced damage from all sources while attacking his Opponent. When Namor ends an Attack, any damage prevented by Hydrokinetic Armor is captured and sent back to the Opponent as Energy Damage.
Silver Surfer
Passive :
Silver Surfer takes -100% damage from Coldsnap, Incinerate, and Shock Debuffs. Each stack of these Debuffs counts as a Unique Buff for any of Silver Surfer's abilities.
Each hit deals a Burst of X Energy Damage for each Unique Buff. This scales with base attack only.
Rock Field:
While the Rock Field is active, Terrax’s attacks gain an additional X Attack Rating.
While the Rock Field is active, nearby Opponents take up to X Energy Damage for every second the Rock Field has been active, every 0.5 second(s). This scales with Base Attack only.
Every 0.5 second(s) there is a 20% chance to inflict an Armor Break Debuff, reducing the Opponent’s Armor Rating by X for 8 second(s). Max 10.
While the Rock Field is active, Terrax is more aggressive.
The Hood
Special Attack 2 :
Hexes the opponent, reducing Ability Accuracy by 65% and Fate Sealing them for 6.5 seconds. When the Hex expires, it deals a burst of X Energy Damage.




Kind Title Actions
counter ability Energy Resistance
counter ability Energy Absorption