As of 10/2020 this site is no longer kept up-to-date. The game's constant crashes/freezes/lags/fails and bugs ruin the fun so I decided to take a break and focus more on other projects. Enjoy what's available, I hope it helps.

Special Attack 1 :
Places a Coldsnap on the opponent, dealing X Energy Damage over 9 seconds. Opponents under a Coldsnap cannot Evade attacks.
Storm (Pyramid X)
Special Attack 1 :
Ice Tempest: Each Hit that contacts the Opponent generates 1 Prowess Buff increasing Special Attack damage by 10% for the remainder of this Special Attack. Additionally, the final Hit inflicts a Passive Coldsnap dealing X Energy Damage over 14 seconds.
Vision (Aarkus)
Frozen Air:
While Aarkus has a Power Gain Buff, he freezes the area near him. Every 2.3 second(s) the Opponent spends near Aarkus, they gain an Armor Break Debuff, decreasing Armor Rating by X for 5 second(s). These Armor Breaks are capped at 10.
Armor Break Debuffs on the Opponent are Paused while they are near Aarkus.
While the Opponent is near Aarkus and they have an Armor Break or Armor Shattered Debuff, they also gain a Coldsnap Debuff, dealing X Energy damage every 0.50 second(s). Opponents under a Coldsnap cannot Evade attacks.






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counter ability Cold Immunity