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Thor (Ragnarok)
When Opponents Intercept Thor's Dash:
Thor has a 30% chance to use his shield to Auto-Block any attacks made while he is Dashing towards the opponent. This can trigger the Parry Mastery.
Null Space Upgrades:
Shield Mode grants a X% chance to Autoblock Enemy Attacks.
Stealth Mode grants X% increased Offensive Power Rate.
Null Mode grants X additional Attack Rating.
Force Field:
Force Field Charges last indefinitely, up to 3 Charges. Any additional Force Field Charges last for 22 seconds.
Gain 1 Force Field Charge every 12 seconds.
While Guardian has an Armor Up, gain a +15% chance per Force Field Charge to Auto-Block the Opponent's Special Attack. Gain a +15% chance against Mutants. This Auto-Block can reach a 75% chance max and is considered a Well-Timed Block.
Consume 1 Force Field Charge(s) to Block Unblockable Special Attacks against Mutants.
Passive :
Every time he activates a Special Attack, Heimdall gains a permanent True Strike Buff as long as he doesn’t already have one active. This Buff is lost if Heimdall is Struck.
While True Strike is active Heimdall’s Attacks cannot be avoided with Dexterity, he can trigger the Parry Mastery against projectiles, and has a 25% chance to Auto-Block Basic Attacks, this will trigger Parry.
Iron-Man (Infinity War)
Deflector Protocol:
Once per fight, Iron Man’s Model 50 suit executes an emergency protocol if attacked while 15% Health or less remains, creating a hardened exterior by instantly granting X stack(s) of Molecular Armor.
While 15% Health or less remains and Iron Man is under the effects of an Armor effect, the suit generates X% Power per second and has a 100% chance to Auto-Block attacks without consuming Armor. This Auto-Block triggers Parry.
Start the fight with 1 Force Field charge(s), each Auto-Blocking one attack with +X Block Proficiency. Force Fields cannot trigger Parry.
Once depleted, Force Field charges replenish after 7 second(s).
As long as a Force Field is active, opponents’ Power Gain Rate is reduced by up to 100% based on Flux.
If M.O.D.O.K. is not Stunned, Force Field is removed when he is struck.
Force Field recharges 0.8 second(s) faster for each alive Champion on the enemy team.
Living Strands:
Medusa gains a Fury Buff every 3 seconds, up to 3 stacks, each increasing Attack by X. Fury Buffs expire 14 seconds after reaching the maximum amount.
When struck twice, Medusa has a X% chance to Auto Block with her hair, breaking the opponent’s combo, for the cost of 3 Fury Buffs. This can trigger Parry.
Worldmind Intervention:
While Nova has a Fury Buff active, being struck when dashing forward activates Auto-Block allowing Nova to automatically block incoming Basic Attacks. This does not count as a Well-Timed Block. Triggering this ability removes all Fury Buffs and consumes 25 Nova Charges.






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