Attack Damage Over Time Defense Denial Immunity Power Management Common Other
Aftershock 1
Agility 1 Reduces Ability Accuracy of Evade and the Dexterity Mastery
Aptitude 7 Increases the effect of Armor, Fury, and Precision Buffs
Armor 17
Armor Break 62 Removes an Armor Up and then Decreases Armor to increase damage from attacks
Armor Break Immunity 6 Immunity to Armor Break, Armor Shatter effects
Armor Up 31 Increases Armor to reduce damage taken from attacks
Bamf 1 Ignore all attacks while Dodging back
Bleed 66 Inflicts Direct Damage over time
Buff Steal 2
Cauterize 1
Chi Strike 2
Concussion 25 Decrease opponent's chance for abilities to trigger
Cowardice 1 reduces special attack damage
Cruelty 30 Increases the damage bonus of Critical Hits.
Deformation 1
Degeneration 20 Inflicts Direct Damage over time
Disorient 8 Reduces Enemy Defensive Ability Accuracy and lowers the opponent’s Block Proficiency.
Element Gun 1
Energy Vulnerability 1 reduces Energy Resistance
Enervate 3 Prevents the opponent from gaining Power.
Enfeeble 6 Decreases Attack Rating
Evade 21 Provides a chance to Evade incoming attacks
Evil's Bane 1
Evocation 1
Exhaustion 5 Decreases Critical Damage and reduces the effects of abilities that grant Power
Fate Seal 3 Nullify opponent's Buffs/Prevent opponent from gaining Buffs
Fatigue 7 Lowers Opponent's Critical Rating
Frenzy 2 All hits are guaranteed Critical Hits
Fury 108 Increases Attack Rating
Gambler's Ruin 1
Genetic Memory 1
Glaive's Immunity 1 Does not take damage from Cold Snap, Bleed and Shock Debuffs, nor Frostbite
Glancing 3
Heal Block 26 Prevents Health from being recovered by abilities like Regeneration
Incinerate 32
Ineptitude 1 reduces the potency of new Fury, Armor Up, Precision, and Cruelty Buffs
Judgment 1
Life Steal 8 Steal Health from the opponent
Lightning Arc 4 Inflicts Energy Damage over time
Lunar Phases 1
Magnetism 2
Nullify 19
Om Nom 1
Organic Ice 1 Immunity to all Incinerate, Bleed and Poison effects
Pacifism 1
Paralyze 2 Stun opponents and reduce their Power and Health gains
Persistent Power 1 Start the fight with the amount of Power at the end of previous fight
Petrify 9 Reduces the Potency of Power Gain and Regeneration effects
Phoenix Force 1 Grants Phoenix periodic Fury Buffs. The more Phoenix Force, the faster the Buffs are granted
Physical Resistance 23 Decreases damage taken from physical attacks like punches, kicks, or sword slashes
Poison 15
Poison Immunity 34
Power Burn 10 Take away the opponent's Power and deal Direct Damage
Power Drain 28 Take away the opponent's Power
Power Gain 47 Gain Power without attacking or being attacked
Power Leak 1 Cause opponent to leak power for a period of time
Power Lock 13 Prevent the opponent from gaining Power
Power Steal 13 Take opponent's Power as your own
Power Sting 5 Cause damage to opponents that use Special Attacks
Precision 40 Increases the chance to land Critical Hits
Prowess 18 Increase Special Attack Damage
Reflective Armor 1 Damage is stored and then released when Black Panther hits
Regeneration 57 Recovers Health over time
Replicate 1
Robotics 9 Advanced robotics provides full immunity to Poison and Bleed effects.
Sabotage 1 Reduces opponent's Defensive Ability Accuracy and deal Direct Damage
Sensory Weave 0
Shield System 1
Shock 24 Inflicts Energy Damage over time
Slow 11 Reduces the Ability Accuracy of opponent's Unstoppable and Evade effects
Stagger 9 A Staggered enemy cannot gain their next Buff effect
Stun 77 Prevents moving, attacking, or defending.
Symbiote Stealth 1
Taunt 11 Increase opponent's chance of launching a Special Attack
Tenacity 5 A chance to shrug off any Debuff
True Accuracy 13 Attacks cannot Miss or be Auto-Blocked
True Strike 8 Attacks ignore Armor, Resistances, Auto-Block, and Evade effects
Unstoppable 23
Vigilance 5 Allows all attacks to bypass Miss
Vulnerability 3 When attacking a Vulnerable Opponent, increase Critical Damage Rating and decrease their Block Proficiency.
Weakness 14 Decreases opponent’s Attack Rating