When champions are Enemies they increase the rate at which a champion on the team will execute a Critical Hit. Critical hits increases the damage the opponent receives which can be improved via Summoner Mastery and the Rivals synergy bonus. The Enemies synergy bonus is comparatively common compared to others, with 61 champions able to activate the bonus.


Level Bonus Attribute Attribute bonus
1 All Champions gain +85 Critical Rating critical-rating 85
2 All Champions gain +115 Critical Rating critical-rating 115
3 All Champions gain +155 Critical Rating critical-rating 155


Base champion Partner champion
Abomination Red Hulk
Abomination She-Hulk
Annihilus Human Torch
Annihilus Invisible Woman
Annihilus Thing
Beast Iron Patriot
Black Panther Deadpool
Cable Deadpool
Cable Deadpool (X-Force)
Captain America Iron Man
Captain America Superior Iron Man
Carnage Deadpool
Carnage Deadpool (X-Force)
Colossus Hyperion
Colossus Juggernaut
Colossus Magneto
Colossus Mister Sinister
Crossbones Captain America
Crossbones Captain America WWII
Crossbones Falcon
Cull Obsidian Black Panther (Civil War)
Cull Obsidian Captain America (Infinity War)
Cull Obsidian Dr. Strange
Cull Obsidian Falcon
Cull Obsidian Heimdall
Cull Obsidian Iron-Man (Infinity War)
Cull Obsidian Thor (Ragnarok)
Cull Obsidian War Machine
Deadpool Rhino
Doctor Voodoo Guillotine
Dormammu Doctor Voodoo
Drax Ronan
Ebony Maw Dr. Strange
Ebony Maw Heimdall
Ebony Maw Hulk (Ragnarok)
Ebony Maw Iron-Man (Infinity War)
Ebony Maw Loki
Ebony Maw Spider-Man (Classic)
Ebony Maw Thor (Ragnarok)
Electro Spider-Man (Miles Morales)
Elsa Bloodstone Carnage
Elsa Bloodstone Doctor Octopus
Elsa Bloodstone Scarlet Witch
Falcon Black Panther (Civil War)
Falcon Black Widow
Falcon Vision (Age of Ultron)
Falcon War Machine
Gambit Magneto
Guillotine 2099 Punisher 2099
Gwenpool Thor (Jane Foster)
Hulk Abomination
Hulkbuster Ultron Prime
Hyperion Dr. Strange
Hyperion Iron Man
Iceman Hyperion
Iceman Magneto
Iron Man Ultron Prime
Iron Patriot Spider-Man (Classic)
Joe Fixit Moon Knight
Joe Fixit Ms. Marvel
Juggernaut Colossus
Juggernaut Hulk
Juggernaut Unstoppable Colossus
Kang Thor
Kang Vision (Age of Ultron)
Karnak Magneto
Killmonger Black Panther (Civil War)
King Groot Groot
King Groot Hulk
Korg Hela
Loki Hulk
Loki Red Hulk
Loki Thor (Jane Foster)
Luke Cage Rhino
Magik Juggernaut
Magneto Wolverine
Medusa Iron Man
Medusa Wolverine
Moon Knight Iron Patriot
Mordo Abomination
Mordo Falcon
Mordo Thor
Namor Magneto
Nebula Drax
Nebula Rocket Raccoon
Nebula Star-Lord
Nightcrawler Juggernaut
Old Man Logan Wolverine
Quake Crossbones
Quake Iron Patriot
Red Hulk Abomination
Rhino Spider-Gwen
Rhino Spider-Man (Classic)
Rocket Raccoon Ronan
Ronan Hulk
Ronan Iron Man
Scarlet Witch Phoenix
She-Hulk Mephisto
Spider-Gwen Daredevil (Classic)
Spider-Gwen Red Hulk
Spider-Gwen Rhino
Spider-Gwen Thanos
Spider-Gwen Ultron
Spider-Man (Classic) Electro
Spider-Man (Miles Morales) Electro
Spider-Man (Miles Morales) Iron Patriot
Spider-Man (Symbiote) Electro
Storm Magneto
Storm Magneto (Marvel Now)
Superior Iron Man Captain America
Thanos Hulk
Thanos Star-Lord
The Champion Drax
The Champion Mephisto
The Hood Doctor Voodoo
The Hood Punisher
Thor Juggernaut
Ultron Vision
Ultron Vision (Age of Ultron)
Ultron Prime Black Widow
Venom Carnage
Venom She-Hulk
Vision Magneto
Vision (Age of Ultron) Scarlet Witch
Void Dr. Strange
Void Thor
Vulture Spider-Man (Classic)
War Machine Black Panther
War Machine Hawkeye
Wasp Ghost
Wolverine Magneto
Yondu Ronan