Special Attack 1 :
If Darkhawk is in Null Mode, this attack inflicts Shock, dealing X Energy Damage over 4 seconds.
Doctor Doom
Basic Attacks :
If the Opponent isn’t already Shocked, Medium Attacks inflict a Shock Debuff dealing X direct energy damage over 2 second(s).
Iron-Man (Infinity War)
Special Attack 1 :
100% chance to leave opponents Shocked for X Energy Damage over 12 seconds.
Shock duration increases by up to 50% based on the opponents’ current Power.
Special Attack 2 :
Doubles the amount of Shock Debuffs on the opponent, dealing 388 - 728.8
energy damage per Shock Debuff over 3 seconds.
Night Thrasher
Special Attack 1 :
Night Thrasher uses the Shock Baton to inflict Shock dealing X Energy Damage over 12 seconds.
Red Skull
Special Attack 2 :
Each hit Shocks the opponent, dealing X Energy damage over 2.5 seconds. Shock duration is increased by 50% for each Buff on Red Skull. These Shock Debuffs stack up to 5.
Heavy Attacks :
Shock the target, dealing X Energy damage over 3 seconds.
Special Attack 1 :
The last hit Shocks the Opponent, dealing X energy damage over 10 second(s). If they are Infected, this also triggers when the Attack is activated, but lasts half as long.
Howard The Duck
Special Attack 2 :
The super-charged B.F.G. fires out a barrage of strange bullets to cause different effects. Each effect has a 30% chance to activate. Possible Effects: Heal Block, Power Drain, Poison, Armor Break, Power Lock, Shock, Weakness
Element Gun:
no details available
Thor (Ragnarok)
Thunder God's Wrath:
After a Special 3, Thor is able to control lightning within his body for X seconds. Thor has a 40% chance to inflict Shock whenever making physical contact with opponents, dealing X Energy Damage over 5 seconds.
Inflicting Shock has a 16% chance to cause Stun and 40% chance to Armor Break. Additionally, each Shock stack reduces the opponent’s Ability Accuracy by 15%.
Stun lasts for 2 seconds and Armor Break applies a X Armor Rating reduction for 6 seconds.
When Attacked:
Wasp has a 8% chance to shrug off all Damaging Debuffs other than Bleed, then shrink to Counter Attack, Evading the opponent’s attack and inflicting Shock, dealing 552 - 2775
Energy Damage over 8 seconds.




Kind Title Actions
counter ability Shock Immunity
counter ability Shock Resistance